Saturday, March 22, 2008

What happens in Vegas....

What happens in Vegas does not always need to stay in Vegas! Especially if the whole purpose of the trip is to learn!

I just got back from WPPI- a wedding and portrait photography convention held each year in Las Vegas. WOW!! It was fun!!! and educational!! I heard some top photographers speak and saw all the newest and hottest lines for albums and products- and I have to say- the companies I already use were the ones that were the most impressive (whew!)!

I did come away with a couple new ideas and a whole new direction for wedding photography! I am happy to say that my friend Tracie of Tracie Taylor Photography and I have decided to joined together for our wedding photography. I enjoy shooting weddings but I much prefer being the second shooter- as many of you have seen me post here. I like the ability to take in the small details and quite moments while Tracie really enjoys the challange of capturing the bigger connection between a bride and groom- together we really are a great team! So look for big things to come from our join venture!

Not only was Vegas inspiring for the new direction of my wedding photography, but I was also inspired and motivated in the area of my family photography- which will remain a sole venture. How can you spend 3 days with the best of the best in the business and not come away inspired!

photo by Tracie Taylor- processing by me:

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