Monday, October 12, 2015

Rustic Family Photos~ Starting Off the Christmas Photo Season

I love it when families are ahead of the game and want to get their holiday photos out of the way long before they start their holiday shopping. But then again, the Smisko Family is used to being prepared. As a food blog writer (her blog is Imperfect & Fabulous, Tales of a Recovering Perfectionist- click to link), Lauren is used to being ahead of the game. And with such an adorable family, it was my pleasure to start off the holiday season with them.

Happy Birthday Degan~ Outdoors Cake Smash

 You may remember this sweet little rolly polly boy from his 6 months photos in the Spring. He loves being outside, so we decided to do his one year photos at a local outdoor area. Mom brought along balloons and I supplied the cake. Unfortunately, it was pretty windy and the balloons didn't fare so well- balloons and the rustic outdoors don't mix well.
We were having a great time and getting some adorable photos until we tired to get Degan to touch the cake. Once again, it didn't go over so well. Its amazing how many kids cry over cake. I cry when I don't get any! LOL