Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love boys! I'm so glad I don't have any of my own to shoo off the roof tops, but boy are they fun to hang out with! These 3 were just the kind that almost makes you wish you had one or two (or three?) of your own at home. (But I think I'll stick to my girls just the same!). They were just adorable!

The littlest- Mr. "S" was so cute- he would say "cheese" every time mom would tell him to smile. The oldest- Mr. "J" was done with me after the first 10 minutes of having to smile- but he held in there pretty good until the end. And Mr. "M"...look out girls, he'll be a heart breaker!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love the Beach, But...

I love the beach! I am a total beach girl! But this time of year, I am so happy when someone wants to do photos someplace other then the beach! It's such an adventure! There are so many really unique places to do photos here in Southern Orange County. Sometimes it's hard to pick one! Luck for me, the "M" family knew what they were looking for. We had done their photos on the beach last year (on the windiest day in history!- see "a Blustery Day" posted here) No wonder they chose something other then the beach!!
I have to add that they are the darn cutest family and so sweet! I was tempted to take the littlest, little "N" home with me. Not that they aren't all adorable- but he is a heart stealer!
I love this! It captures all three of their personalities! With little Ms. "M" trying to be coy and pose with the flower!

I may swap this one out for another favorite as I go through them, but I like that this captures the idea of being away from the beach- even if it was at the end of the shoot and the girls were getting "done" with me and smiling! They hung in there for such a long time!! I was really impressed!

Nobody Said Anything About Fog!

Saturday was suppose to be warm and sunny here in So. Cal. There was never any mention of fog in our forecast! I think I started trusting that weather man a bit too much! Anyway, the fog rolling in THICK! None of that high level June Gloom- no, this was thick and low. Like something from a scary movie. Like I've said before, cloudy skies can make for great photos- but no so for fog. The water droplets get captured by the camera and make it look grainy and not sharp (this can happen when the waves are big too because of the spray!).

We decided to make a go of it anyway, even though poor "L" looked like she was going to burst into tears any moment. A make up session is in the planning, but I don't think these turned out pretty good too.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

That Tricky Weather Man

The weather man said it was going to be cloudy and gloomy. "A thick marine layer" he said. That's the keywords for "yucky" here along the California coast- especially in Orange County. But it ended up being a beautiful day! And as the even drew closer and closer I thought for sure the sky was going to cloud over at any moment (which by the way, sometimes makes beach photos even better). But the beach I had planned on shooting the "V" family at is one of those that can be real hard to pull off on a clear, bright day- so I was getting nervous. But luck was on my side tonight! The perfect amount of cloud cover (aka June Gloom) moved it. Just enough to give us some soft light, but not so much that we missed out on the spectacular sunset!! It was the perfect combo!

Not my favorite photo of the bunch, but it was such a beautiful sunset shot that I had to post it! I'll add my favorite photo later.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Someone Was Not So Happy to See Me!

Little Miss "P" was not at all happy to have her photo taken while we were trying to get a good family photo for the "D" family Christmas card!! That little munchkin cried almost the entire time! But the part that really got me was that as soon as I packed away my camera and we called it a day, she looked right at me and gave me the most picture perfect smile! I had to laugh! Here I thought maybe she didn't feel well or was tired... oh no, she was having fun with me!! Too funny!!

We ended up getting a couple good ones. And big sister, Miss "D" was such a good sport through the whole thing! So was dad, who really just wanted to be at home watching the playoff baseball game!! LOL!

Luau Time!

I just had to post a few shots from the Dale Velzy Luau we went to. There is a surf contest during the day (was too lazy to bring the camera) and the luau at night. It's always a unique experience! A great mix of old and new surfers and the food and "jungle juice" are always great- not to mention the entertainment. This year was the best it's been as far as the hula dancers go, but we did miss having a band afterwards.

So if you are ever in Dana Point in October and want some good hawaiian style food and entertainment, stop by the Dale Velzy Luau in the harbor!