Monday, March 31, 2008

Everybody Loves a Sale!!

Everybody loves a sale!! Including me!! So to celebrate spring, I am offering a 40% off all print reorders for past clients for orders placed between Tuesday, April 1st and Tuesday, April 22nd. (Discounts will be taken from the current price list.) All you need to do is email me that you would like your gallery reposted (no reposting fees!) and go from there. I am also now offering an in person consultation if you need help with your order.

And for all future clients- or for those who are thinking about another session, I am offering print order gift certificates (to be used towards your future print orders) at 30% off if the certificate is purchased between Tuesday, April 1st and Tuesday, April 22nd. All certificates must be used toward your print order and not your sitting fee. These can also be purchased as a gift for a friend!

Offers are for prints only. All canvas and speciality items are excluded. Let me know if you have any questions!

What an Awesome Weekend!!

I had the best weekend hanging out with 25 other photographers at a workshop in San Diego!

Just like any other profession, photographers take workshops to keep up on the latest
techniques or to learn a little more about certain aspects of the business. This particular workshop covered studio lighting- something I am not at all familiar with, as well as some unique was to enhance images. The photographer who taught it has the coolest style! I can't wait to incorporate some of her ideas into my work!!

Some samples of the images I captured while there:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

OK, I'm a day late- but I was a bit busy yesterday sitting on my tush- in the sand!!

Oh, it was such an awesome day here in Southern California! In the 80's and sunny- a perfect beach day!! And so.... after church, we went to the beach! I told the girls that the Easter Bunny left the baskets at the beach for us. One of them bought it- the just turned 13 year old- she was a bit difficult to convince!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Easter Sunday! I sure did!

Easter feels like such a rebirth for me this year! I can't wait to see how the next few months go. I have so many things "in the works" right now that I am super excited about! The first being a workshop that I am attending next weekend. She is one of the "must attend" workshop teacher according to many of the top family photographers!! I can't wait!!

The other is a SALE! Who doesn't love a SALE!!! Check back on Monday the 31st for all the details!!

Stay tuned for more ideas to come!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What happens in Vegas....

What happens in Vegas does not always need to stay in Vegas! Especially if the whole purpose of the trip is to learn!

I just got back from WPPI- a wedding and portrait photography convention held each year in Las Vegas. WOW!! It was fun!!! and educational!! I heard some top photographers speak and saw all the newest and hottest lines for albums and products- and I have to say- the companies I already use were the ones that were the most impressive (whew!)!

I did come away with a couple new ideas and a whole new direction for wedding photography! I am happy to say that my friend Tracie of Tracie Taylor Photography and I have decided to joined together for our wedding photography. I enjoy shooting weddings but I much prefer being the second shooter- as many of you have seen me post here. I like the ability to take in the small details and quite moments while Tracie really enjoys the challange of capturing the bigger connection between a bride and groom- together we really are a great team! So look for big things to come from our join venture!

Not only was Vegas inspiring for the new direction of my wedding photography, but I was also inspired and motivated in the area of my family photography- which will remain a sole venture. How can you spend 3 days with the best of the best in the business and not come away inspired!

photo by Tracie Taylor- processing by me:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A beautiful day for a wedding!

Once again I was the second shooter at a Tracie Taylor Photography wedding. My much preferred place to be at weddings! I love to be able to stand back and capture the details and the small things while Tracie's personality is much better suited for being the leader and helping make the bride and groom feel just how special their wedding day is! Together we work really well together!! As a matter of fact...look for a join venture in the future! We make a great team and I think we will go really far in the wedding industry together!

Well, we had another great adventure together last week when we shot the wedding of J and A, (along with J's two adorable daughters) here in Dana Point and Laguna Beach. They are such a beautiful couple together! And the wedding was spectacular! Once I convince Tracie that she needs to update her blog I will post links to it so that you can see her take on the day (she's not too into the blog thing...yet!). For now you get my view:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Once every 7-10 years!

"Once every 7-10 years expect a flu season that knocks you on your tush" is what the doctor told me. Well, it had been about 8 years. Lucky me! My time was up!!

I have spent the last 3 weeks fighting one thing or another! A cold which turned into a sinus infection, then bronchitis which almost made it to pneumonia with an ear infection and then to top it off....the flu!! Did you know they can test you for the flu?? Well, mine was positive! Influenza B! One lucky thing was, that because I thought my bronchitis was coming back I went to the doctor within 24 hours of it hitting me and they were able to prescribe Tamiflu. Let me tell you- that stuff works!! My doctor told me that she had just gotten over the Influenza B strain and was in bed for 5 days. I only had to watch reruns of "What Not to Wear" for 2 days with the flu!!

But I'm on the upswing!! Yeah!! And I am so happy to think that it will be another 7-10 years before I have to deal with this again!!! Sorry to everybody who's photo session had to be rescheduled! The weather is better now anyway!

Round one! Heavy duty antibiotics, an inhaler for the asthma that the bronchitis brought me and an inhalable steroid for the sinus infection. Plus, the second box of tissues that I went through! AHHHH!

Round two- Tamiflu! Yeah!! Plus something for the nausea and vomiting that goes with the flu (this stuff really worked too!!) and throw in some Tylenol with Codeine for the aches and pains and the bad headaches! Fun!