Thursday, March 20, 2008

A beautiful day for a wedding!

Once again I was the second shooter at a Tracie Taylor Photography wedding. My much preferred place to be at weddings! I love to be able to stand back and capture the details and the small things while Tracie's personality is much better suited for being the leader and helping make the bride and groom feel just how special their wedding day is! Together we work really well together!! As a matter of fact...look for a join venture in the future! We make a great team and I think we will go really far in the wedding industry together!

Well, we had another great adventure together last week when we shot the wedding of J and A, (along with J's two adorable daughters) here in Dana Point and Laguna Beach. They are such a beautiful couple together! And the wedding was spectacular! Once I convince Tracie that she needs to update her blog I will post links to it so that you can see her take on the day (she's not too into the blog thing...yet!). For now you get my view:

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