Thursday, November 26, 2009

A New View

I've spent a good portion of my beach going days either at or looking at this beach- but I've never photographed there. I was always nervous about not having any shelter from the sun. It was a bit of a chanlenge, but it was worth it. The view down the coast line was beautiful! That's the Ritz Carlton up on the hill in the background.

Poor "S"- all he wanted to do was play in the water. (By the way- "S" is not the toddler, that's little Mr "A"!! LOL!)The waves were pretty good and he was determined to get in an evening session of surf. I think I burst his bubble on that one.

Big Dogs!

Someday I'm going to convince the "D" family to get two chihuahuas instead of the two big golden retrievers they have! Just think how much easier they would be to photograph. It is not an easy feat to get two big dogs and two little kids to look at you all at the same time!! I've got mom and dad and the older girls pretty well trained though :0)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Better Late then Never

We weren't sure we were going to be able to pull this family shoot off! The "H" family was running late- darn kids and their jobs :0) But we did it! And it turned out to be a really nice evening at the beach. I love "J"'s bright blue sneakers! So fun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Fall Look

I love shooting at this park in the fall! The colors are just so fun! So different from what you think of when you think of Southern California! We even saw 2 deer pass by about the time we were done. I love that "S" wore his cowboy boots! Too bad little "J" didn't have any to wear... "T" will have to get on that one! Now that I think of it, I want a pair too!

Beach Light

It always amazes me how different each beach photo session is. One day, the sun might wash everybody out, the very next day it might make everyone glow and then the day after the shadows might be too harsh! Different skin tones photograph completely different at the beach too. Sometimes I spend hours trying to take out some of the reds that the sun brings out in people's skin, other times it's too orange! And sometimes...I just get lucky! The "H" family is one of those "just get lucky" times. And what a sweet family too! Poor Dave...I mean Mark!! I think I called him Dave 50 times! So many times it became a joke! Thanks for putting up with me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to So Cal!

Another great beach day! We had to cancel our first appointment because it was super foggy again, but this afternoon ended up being perfect!

This sweet family is celebrating their first Christmas in So Cal having just moved from the East Coast! I love that they have eaten at Wahoo's Restaurant more times in the 3 months that they have been here then I have in the last 3 years! And I love Wahoo's!

I had a great time photographing them! The boys were full of pep and...boyness! Little Mr "G" was a big ham, even though he tried to hide from my camera when ever he could! And big Mr "G" was a sweetheart!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was elated to photograph my friends and neighbors the "W" family this year. They both have been working so hard! "J" is enrolled in the fire academy and well on his way to following a life long dream and becoming a fireman! And "R" is one of those gals that just does it all! Church secretary and Sunday School/VBS organizer extraordinaire! She is so creative! And both girls are so sweet and well mannered (even if one is now a teen!).

Fun in the trees!

What a unique spot for a Southern California photo session! I get a little burned out on the beach photos, so I'm always excite when someone requests something a little different. The "P" family asked me if I could come out to where they live and photograph "L" in the forest by their house. I've driven by and have seen the forest of trees planted in their neighborhood for years, but never took the time to investigate. Boy was it cool! A total kids' dream! A creek, a bridge and lots of dirt and rocks. And oddly enough for November- mosquitoes! Luckily, I've never been their favorite meal.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New Favorite Location

Oh! I'm so happy the "H" family introduced me to this new location in the Dana Point area! It was really cool (except for the friend I found and almost stepped on! See the last photo.) Originally "T" called me and said she wanted a pumpkin patch this year (this is my 3rd year photographing her family). I thought it was a really fun idea...until I tried to find a pumpkin patch that would work! They are all filled with people and distracting backgrounds- imagine that! Then her sister remembered this really cool area with maple lined streets and a beautiful little park- perfect!! I loved it! But next time I will watch how close I get my feet to the wildlife!

He was just a baby! About the size of my fist (which I hear is the most venomous!) He never even rattled- even when my foot (in flip flops!) was only 12-18 inches away!! Oh the things I will do for a good shot!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Park Time

I'm a little behind posting previews! Sorry!

I had a lot of fun photographing the "M" family at their local park in Newport Beach. Last time I photographed them, Little "G" was hanging out in mom's tummy still! What a cutie he is- love the red hair! I love that all the kids have such different hair. One brown and curly, one blond, one brown and straight and one red! How fun!