Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gettin' back in the groove

I have been feeling less then inspired the last few weeks. The craziness of Christmas, the let down of all those New Years resolutions broken in the first week and the cold that would not go away all combined to stifle my creativeness.

Well, thank goodness for friends! My good friend and fellow photographer Tracie Taylor dragged me along the other day to help her with a group senior photo shoot. I warned her I was in a funk (I don't think she ever has one!) and that the cold medicine I had taken so that my sinuses would not explode might not make me the best of photographers!- but she had me come along anyway.

At first I had a hard time "seeing the shot", but it wasn't long before I was warmed up and ready to roll!! Thanks Tracie for always believing in me! Here are a couple the more creative ones- there were plenty of more traditional ones- but what fun are those when you've found your creativity again!!

Tracie reflected in an old mirror!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Catch Up

Another "Catch Up" session! If you frequent my blog you may recognise these adorable kids. I did the three "M" kids a few months back. But Little Miss Spunk, "M" decided that she would stick her tongue out in almost every shot! So I asked mom if I could come back for "Round 2".

These turned out much better!! I did a few of baby bother "N" too. Amazing what a difference a few weeks can make in a baby's appearance!! He looks so much more "boy" and less "baby" in just those few short weeks! Aren't they both adorable!!? Big sis is just as cute! She is the one eyed girl in my header bar!

Playing Catch Up!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season! Ours was great, but as hectic as always!!

We own a retail clothing store (Killer Dana Surf Shop- see the link in the side bar!) so I don't see my hubbie for most of the month of December! I am no longer active in the business (lets just say I decided I wanted to stay married!!), but there are so many other things to stay way too busy with! Such as keeping up with 2 kids and all their Christmas activities as well as trying to get everyone's Christmas pictures to them on time!!

Luckily I had a few sessions before Christmas that I only had to get the family shot done and they let me off the hook on the rest until after the holidays. Well, that time has come!! So now it's back to work!!

Here are a few images from the "A" family. Mom is one of those "super moms"! Our youngest daughters are in class together and our oldest daughters are the same age. She always looks great (unlike me in my sweats!) when she is at school, and is always so sweet and up beat even though God didn't give her the smoothest road to travel! Her youngest has Down Syndrome. "K" is an awesome kid but stubborn as the day is long!! She was great for me though! Here are a few from before Christmas that I am just now editing (with the exception of the family shot, which I did in time for their Christmas card).