Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Weather Wins Out

Some of you blog stalkers (of which I am one!) may be wondering- "didn't she have a session scheduled for Sunday, September 28th?" Yes, yes I did- with the "S" family. And it was going to be a big one, parents, grandparents, kids, cousins- the whole shabang! But the weather won out and they chose to reschedule. (I have to warn you, this is a bad time of year to reschedule! There are only one or two weekend dates left!- and overcast days are GREAT for getting good photos) It was a very cold and gloomy day at the beach!

So I chose to spend my time with my family at a surf contest my hubbie's surf shop was sponsoring- the Cosmic Creek at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point. Like I said- the weather was awful for being at the beach, cold and gloomy. But snuggled up in our sweatshirts, it was great. And how can you beat hanging out with surf legends like Tom Curren and Peter Townsend; Pros like Rob Machado, Pat O'Connell and Jeff Booth; Musical talent like G-Love and Donovan Frankenreiter and Photography legends like Tom Servias!?

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