Monday, October 20, 2008

More Amazing Beach Time!

Another amazing evening at the beach! This time with the "V" family and their adorable girls! They were so sweet! And finally...girls! Don't get me wrong- I love boys. But there is such a contrast between photographing boys and girls- it's amazing! Girls actually stand still for more then two seconds- and some even like it!

I feel terrible though! Poor "G" had phnomia and "R" ran the Mud Run at Camp Pendelton that morning! You would never know it though!! They are true troupers! And to think- this is the first time they have had family photos done! With a family this adorable, they should defiantly do this more often!

Thanks guys- you were great! Hope you feel better soon! Here is a quick sneak peak!

I just love the light on this one!

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