Monday, October 6, 2008

Workshop Fun!

This weekend I attended a photography workshop put on by well know child photographer Skye Hardwick. Not only did I attend it, I was the hostess for it.

Photography workshop are something all photographers should attend at least once a year. Just like you children's teacher attends training over the summer to brush up on old skills and learn new ones, or you family dentist attends training to learn about the newest gadgets for making everybodys lives easier- photographers attend workshops to learn new ways of doing things and discovering new products.

It was fun meeting other photographers from around the globe! Including as far away as Russia and Canada! But the one thing we all had in common was a love of photography and a desire to learn new ideas. Which we were able to do with the help of some great model volunteers! Unfortunately, I spent so much time making sure that everyone was in the right place, that I missed out on photographing a lot of the kids! But I know the other photographers had lots of fun! Thank you to my contacts and past clients who volunteered to have their children participate.

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