Monday, November 3, 2008

So Sweet

Such a sweet family! "S" has revived her love of Hawaiian dance in the last few years and she wanted to reflect that in her family photo. I thought she looked beautiful in her poinsettia lei and head piece. And to top off the evening, we were blessed with an amazingly beautiful sunset! Very Hawaiian!
Such a sad and beautiful story how "S" has rekindled her love of hula. She lost her infant son a few years back and it made her reexamine what was important in her live. She told me, one of the things that made her feel "alive" was hula.
She also told me, one of the ways that they remember her son each year is by representing him in the form of an angel in every Christmas card. This year, she chose an angel shell ornament. I was so touched! Such a sad, sweet story! Such a sweet family.

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