Monday, November 17, 2008


Let me start by saying- I've know the "L" family since before they were even a family! "B" and my husband were friends before he know his wife "H", we were at their wedding in Hawaii and have gone to the boys birthday parties since they started having them!

They asked me to take their Christmas photo again this year and we decided to try the beach again ("B" is an avid surfer). The night looked promising- nice weather, no wind. The boys were in good moods and all should have gone great, right? Well, the beach was more crowded then I've seen it since summer- which of course distracted the boys (and "B" in more then one shot!) and no one wanted to look on me. And then came the powerful allure of the ocean! Finally the boys just couldn't resist it any longer and charged in fully clothed! Can you say "reshoot"? LOL!

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