Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Blustery Day

I woke up Sunday morning, long before the sun was up, to howling winds outside. Branches crashing, umbrellas falling, even chairs and outdoor furniture scraping long the ground from the strong winds. And those winds never let up! It was a Blustery Day, as Pooh Bear might say! I had two sessions that day, and I was being to worry neither of them might work.

The first was an adorable couple. "H" called me last minute, after being referred by his sister. I didn't realize it was just going to be the two of them until we meet Sunday morning at the beach. "H"'s new wife "A" had to fly back home to Europe that afternoon, so there was little time to discuss things such as "how big is your family?". But it was a pleasant surprise! Lucky for us, the cove I chose was somewhat protected by the wind.
We were not so luck that afternoon!

You may recognise the girls "R" and "M", and maybe even little Mr. "N" from last year. The girls with the stunning eyes! We tried to do the whole family this time- but Mother Nature did really want to cooperate. The winds never let up- they howled all day! But we thought we would give it a go anyway. Unfortunatly, I didn't think about how, after all the dust was blown around all day, it might affect the clarity of the images. Not to mention it made for bad hair! We gave it our best- but this one is going to have to be a reshoot. The dust and other stuff in the air, just made for images that are not sharp enough for my taste. Did I mention that not only was it windy, it was COLD!

And to top it off... "N" puked all over at the end!

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