Sunday, October 11, 2009

That Tricky Weather Man

The weather man said it was going to be cloudy and gloomy. "A thick marine layer" he said. That's the keywords for "yucky" here along the California coast- especially in Orange County. But it ended up being a beautiful day! And as the even drew closer and closer I thought for sure the sky was going to cloud over at any moment (which by the way, sometimes makes beach photos even better). But the beach I had planned on shooting the "V" family at is one of those that can be real hard to pull off on a clear, bright day- so I was getting nervous. But luck was on my side tonight! The perfect amount of cloud cover (aka June Gloom) moved it. Just enough to give us some soft light, but not so much that we missed out on the spectacular sunset!! It was the perfect combo!

Not my favorite photo of the bunch, but it was such a beautiful sunset shot that I had to post it! I'll add my favorite photo later.

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