Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love the Beach, But...

I love the beach! I am a total beach girl! But this time of year, I am so happy when someone wants to do photos someplace other then the beach! It's such an adventure! There are so many really unique places to do photos here in Southern Orange County. Sometimes it's hard to pick one! Luck for me, the "M" family knew what they were looking for. We had done their photos on the beach last year (on the windiest day in history!- see "a Blustery Day" posted here) No wonder they chose something other then the beach!!
I have to add that they are the darn cutest family and so sweet! I was tempted to take the littlest, little "N" home with me. Not that they aren't all adorable- but he is a heart stealer!
I love this! It captures all three of their personalities! With little Ms. "M" trying to be coy and pose with the flower!

I may swap this one out for another favorite as I go through them, but I like that this captures the idea of being away from the beach- even if it was at the end of the shoot and the girls were getting "done" with me and smiling! They hung in there for such a long time!! I was really impressed!

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