Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby Thomas~ At Home Session

This sweet guy is the same that I photographed in the hospital for his Fresh 48 session. Well, two weeks later I went to visit him for a Home Session. We were lucky and he slept really good! Maybe because it was so hot outside and I had the portable heater blowing on him on top of that. I don't think mom and dad were thrilled that I turned his room into a sauna! But he sure was happy. The only time he really gave us greif was when we tried to do the photo of him on his Grandpa's comparative football that mom had her parents ship in so that we could do photos. Apparently Grandpa played professional football in Canada- pretty cool. The books are all Dad's college books along with his glasses and we also did one with Dad's ties.

dads ties


football newborn photo


A little Behind the Scene- this was my space to work in. Each Home Newborn Session is different! Because I can't bring along my big studio lighting, I need a room with lots of light. Sometimes thats the kitchen, sometimes its a bedroom. We got luck and it was baby's room this time. It was a little squishy, but we got it done!

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