Friday, March 6, 2015

Spring Mini Session dates announced!

It's time for Spring Mini Sessions! I would call them Easter Mini Sessions, but no live bunnies for these, so we will just stick with Spring :)
Why no live bunnies? Well, photo sessions with live animals is a touchy subject in the photography world! I have seen photographers almost go to drop down drag out fights over this (except that they were on photography forums, so no actual physical violence was possible! Thank goodness!) Many photographer swear it is illegal to photograph live animals (with the exception of family pets) for profit. If you do some digging you will find that it is not technically illegal, but you can yourself some hefty fines if you do so without the proper permits. You can read more about it here and here.
I personally chose not to do sessions with bunnies and chicks for a few reasons- one, because these are delicate animals! Chicks can easily be killed and bunnies have delicate backs. I couldn't sleep knowing that I hurt a sweet little bunny just for photos! Two, I don't own bunnies or chicks or know anyone who does- so I would have to rent them and increase the sessions fees. Three, bunnies bite and chicks have been know to carry salmonella, and four- if PETA or one of their members gets a hold of you, its all over!
So with that out of the way- I am offering Spring Mini Sessions! They will take place on Sunday, March 22nd at a location in South Orange County. The session fee is $50 and includes 2 digital files. This is a themed session, designed for kids. I will have a number of props including a vintage tea set and a tent with vintage quilts. Each session is only 15 minutes- great for little ones who get tired quickly!
After your session you will preview your images from your own home on a private web gallery. You can choose your two images and be done, or purchase additional digital files (starting at $25) or prints and gifts.
Digital files can be downloaded directly from the site and used to order prints from your favorite local or online photo printer. They are full resolution files that can printed as large as 16x20 (and possibly
Want to see some of the photos from the last Mini Sessions- just click on the header image and it will take you to the main body of the blog, scroll down and you will find some of the adorableness for our Valentine's Day Mini Sessions!
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