Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Family Christmas Photo- Oh So Fun!

Every time I photograph a family and they get all stressed out about how their kids are behaving, I try to convince them that they really aren't that bad (and most of the time I really do mean it!) and that I have photographed lots of families and tons of kids and it is just what happens- no big deal. Now, all that goes right out the window when it comes to photographing my own girls! They are monsters! 

There is always a big blowout before we ever even leave the house! This time my oldest said she wasn't going and to just take the family photo without her! And my youngest burst into tears because she wanted to wear something different then I had pick out! Then the two bicker all the way there! So for the 20 minute car ride to the location I chose for this years Christmas photo I had to ask myself "Why? Why and I doing this?" over and over!

The answer is so that I can hang this on my wall and enjoy my family every day! Don't they look sweet snuggled up together! We're all just lucky it's a photo and not video! 

Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kris;

You did well!! Beautiful family, beautiful photos, really enjoyable website.

I dream that someday I can manage to get my girls and myself all down to visit and you can photograph us (unfortunately the same drama may ensue...)

Sis, L.