Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New Favorite Location

Oh! I'm so happy the "H" family introduced me to this new location in the Dana Point area! It was really cool (except for the friend I found and almost stepped on! See the last photo.) Originally "T" called me and said she wanted a pumpkin patch this year (this is my 3rd year photographing her family). I thought it was a really fun idea...until I tried to find a pumpkin patch that would work! They are all filled with people and distracting backgrounds- imagine that! Then her sister remembered this really cool area with maple lined streets and a beautiful little park- perfect!! I loved it! But next time I will watch how close I get my feet to the wildlife!

He was just a baby! About the size of my fist (which I hear is the most venomous!) He never even rattled- even when my foot (in flip flops!) was only 12-18 inches away!! Oh the things I will do for a good shot!!

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